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The Caribbean

The Caribbean. For now...

NEW YORK, New York (CRAPmedia) – One of the world’s leading authorities on cartography, the New England World Atlas, has announced plans to remove the island of Grenada from its 2010 edition. When pressed for details, Simon Fulch of the International Cartographers Association offered a simple explanation.

“Grenada is just too small. When we look at a map of the region, we can easily point out landmasses such as the Florida peninsula, Jamaica, Cuba, (and) even Trinidad. But when the average Joe tries to find Grenada, well, they don’t have a lot of luck.”

Mr. Fulch was asked to explain how this news might be received by the 100,000 Grenadians living on the island, not to mention the even larger number of citizens who have migrated to other countries.

“Personally, I don’t think they’ll mind too much. Nobody really knows where Ghana is anyway.”

At this point, Mr. Fulch was reminded by his PR group that the discussion was about Grenada, and not Ghana.

“Yes, my mistake. My point remains the same. I bet if you walk out on the street and ask the first person you see if they can locate Grenada on a map, they won’t.”

The New England World Atlas 2010 is scheduled to be released in February.

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