A man from the south of the island has claimed to have constructed a time machine in his living room using junk he had collected from the side of the road.

The elderly man said he wanted something to occupy himself with during retirement, and saw an opportunity to build a time machine when he found an unused flux capacitor lying in a bush near to the Grand Anse Post Office. The time machine, which runs on fresh cow’s milk, stands 7’ tall and has room enough inside for only one person. Plans are being made to make a two-seater version for commercial use, hopefully by the end of May.

Our friendly inventor informed us that so far, he had taken his time machine into the future to answer the question most of want answered: Does the world end in 2012?


So there you have it. Conclusive evidence that the world, will in fact, not end in 2012. The Mayans and Hollywood got that one wrong.

MNN and our new best friend now await the lotto draw with great anticipation.

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