Last week, I was invited to visit some local software engineers who have been busy at work developing an online search engine with results specific to the Spice Isle.

Grengle, a name clearly derived from Google, is being created by four young men, all of whom are currently studying at SGU. They claim their desire to create a search engine for Grenada was borne out of frustration due to Google (and other search providers) being tailored to larger markets.

“If I search for shoes, I don’t want to be told where to buy shoes in San Francisco. I should be able to see where in Grenada sells shoes,” said one of the designers. This concern was echoed by a colleague. “The internet is a very big place, and we small islands are always overlooked.”


This is Grengle.

When you first access Grengle, you’ll notice two buttons: ‘Check an’ see’ and ‘Hurry up, nah!’ The first button is your standard search button. The second button takes you to the very first result from your search automatically. Let’s test this out by typing in the word, ‘gullible’…

Typing in 'gullible'

…and pressing the ‘Hurry up, nah!’ button.

Our result?

Grenada Broadcasting Network

Hey, it's GBN!

It’s the website of the Gullible Grenada Broadcasting Network. Looks like Grengle functions pretty accurately.

Grengle also has a helpful language translator tool. I tested out a couple of phrases:





Grengle should enter a beta stage soon, before being available fully later this year.

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