Socks and sandals? Well it’s no rum and red bull, that’s for sure…

A valuable source has sent us an email about an increasingly controversial topic.

Socks and Sandals

Apparently plans are being drawn up to stop what has become a terrible blight on society: the dreaded wearing of socks with sandals.

In order to prevent this heinous act, a group calling itself the Radicals Enraged ‘Til Action’s Respectfully Delivered (R.E.T.A.R.D.) are campaigning to the NDC Government to punish any person seen behaving in such a downright disrespectful manner by throwing them in jail.

Francis St. Francis, R.E.T.A.R.D. spokesperson, had this to say, “we are firmly of the view that individuals who wear socks AND sandals…on the same feet, and at the same time, are responsible for committing a crime against humanity. No human being should be subjected to that sight. None.”

Vigilant as ever, MNN got in contact with the Government of Grenada for comment, but was met with the following response:

“We do not comment on rumours or speculation. Especially those from R.E.T.A.R.D.s”

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