A not at all biased or tongue-in-cheek comparison piece…

10. Grenadians don’t feel the need to remind everyone who they are all the time…

Chances are you know someone from Trinidad. Ever notice that almost without fail, they’ll use the slightest excuse possible to inform anyone with functioning ears that they are a “Trini”? Not once. Not twice. But over and over again. “I is a Trini!”

Yeh, ok. So?



Some Trini people, yesterday.

9. Floods…

St. George’s is susceptible to flooding after a few hours of sustained rainfall.

Port-of-Spain? Eh, about 10 minutes.


Port- of-Spain, last week Tuesday

8. Grenada is a tourist destination..

…Trinidad (i.e. not Tobago) is not. Grenada has The World Famous Grand Anse Beach®, whereas Trinidad has..um..Tobago. Hmm.


7. Hardly any Traffic Jams.

If you’re ever in a traffic jam in Grenada, it’s usually because of one of three things:

  • Grenlec/Nawasa/whoever is digging a great big hole in the middle of the damn road.
  • Somebody (probably a bus driver) just did something incredibly stupid with their vehicle.
  • Both of the above.

But in Trinidad, it’s a daily feature. It’s a way of life. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself:

Traffic jam ‘agoraphobia ’ crippling motorists

‘National Traffic Jam Day’


6. The murder-rate.

According to Wikipedia, in 2004, Grenada had an ‘intentional homicide rate’ of 4.9. Trinidad’s during the same period was 22.


5. The currency…

The TT dollar.



4. Kirani James

What more needs to be said? The Caribbean’s next big thing hails from the town of Gouyave, St. John, Grenada.

Kirani James, every single day

3. ‘Trinidad’ rhymes with ‘Baghdad’.

..and that can only be bad thing.


Baghdad, not to be confused with Trinidad, today.

2. Grenada has politicians who look like animals.

Click here for proof.


1. Maco News Network is based in Grenada for a reason…

…Simply because Grenada has the best macos in the world!


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