It has been reported that a pact has been made between the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition that will benefit the future outlook of Grenada’s standing in the region.

This announcement was made by Dr. Keith Mitchell on the occasion of the 50 Man March that was called to protest the inability of the incumbent administration to tackle rising prices and unemployment in the tri-island state.
National Crest of Grenada

Sources close to both leaders said that Tillman Thomas believes that since he is not capable to administer strong leadership, and earn the respect of his colleagues, he has decided to turn to his old friend and former cabinet buddy for much sorted leadership. A prominent constitutional lawyer said that although there is no precedent to such an occurrence, it is perfectly legal.

At an NNP meeting on Wednesday, Dr. Mitchell told those closest to him that he has the full backing of his party, and that once you are called to serve, that call cannot be ignored. Quotes coming from within the NDC camp on the hand over to Dr. Mitchell have been lukewarm. A pony-tailed man said  “we go still lock his ass up”, while the one responsible for the purse strings said, “poverty in Grenada is a part of our makeup and I’ll continue to do anything I can maintain the status quo.”

It is now left to be seen how this will play out, and as we go to press, we make a fervent plea to all concerned to put Grenada first. Please act responsibly.



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