Witnesses at the Maurice Bishop International Airport were left ‘stunned’ when a LIAT plane touched down on the runway on time.

LIAT – which stands for Lost In Alternate Timeline – has never before in it’s history managed to successfully arrive at any destination at the specified time.

MNN spoke to an air traffic controller, but he was unable to respond as he had unfortunately slipped into shock. The paramedic treating him, also a witness, was clearly shaken.

“Never in my born days did I ever tink I wudda see such a sight. Woi, juss tinkin’ bout it mekin’ meh head hurt meh.”

The surprising arrival caused mass confusion and panic at the airport, as several passengers ended up missing the outbound flight.

“Well what chupidness I hearin dey?” asked one unhappy Trini. “Yuh mean LIAT come and gone already? What dis world really comin’ to?”

When MNN contacted LIAT for more information, we were told that the occurrence was a freak accident, and would never happen again.

Apologies were given for the inconvenience.


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