The Government today revealed plans to ensure that every secondary school in Grenada will have it’s very own donkey.

The NDC put forward the pledge on the basis that it feels schoolchildren are having to share donkeys. The new proposal – set to be accomplished by 2013 – contains the mandate that every child should have access to a donkey.

“As we are all aware,” began one spokesman, “the donkey is a very hard working animal.”

“We can only hope this commitment to hard work and effort will rub off on the nation’s children,” he continued. 

“It is essential that each child that attends secondary school in Grenada can have access to a donkey when needed. To that end, we must make sure that each classroom has it’s own donkey.

But not everyone seems to be impressed.

Devon, a 14 year old GBSS student remarked, “I’m not sure what I need a donkey for. Can a donkey teach me trigonometry? No. Can a donkey tutor me in Social Studies? I doubt.”

“We don’t need yet another jackass in this place.”

Quite where the Government intends to acquire the number of donkeys that would be required for such an undertaking is unclear, but when MNN pressed for details we were reliably informed that our fears were unfounded.

“The Government has more than enough donkeys to go round,” our source said.


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