St. George, Grenada – Maco News Network is proud to announce a brand new television show for kids – written, directed, and produced by MNN.

‘Maco the Dinosaw And All His Dumb Friends’ is set to enter pre-production at the end of July. The show will focus on the exploits of the titular dinosaur and his intellectually-challenged friends.

Maco the Dinosaw

Maco the Dinosaw and all His Dumb Friends

Maco News Network Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Bissessar believes the news outlet’s first foray into television will prove a success.

“Obviously we’ve never done anything like this before, so it’s going to be a challenge. For instance, I don’t even know who’s going to be wearing the dinosaur costume. I can’t find anyone stupid enough to do that job for that kind of money.”

“You know, people ask me: Why a dinosaur? Why a kids’ show? And you know what I say to those people? ‘Why all the bloody questions?’ I haven’t a clue. The idea just hit me one morning. I knew then that this was my calling in life – to make a children’s television show about a socially inept dinosaur and his friends with limited brain function. Sweet!”

Should When ‘Maco the Dinosaw And All His Dumb Friends’ airs early next year, viewers will be able to watch it on all local channels at 6pm, with the uncensored late night version at 11:30pm.

Maco the Dinosaw’s signature song:

“I maco you,
You maco me,
We all maco everybody,
With a great big kick,
And a cuff from me to you,
Don’t you dare tell Maco News!”

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