Motoring giant Ferrari is expected to unveil their latest innovation in the world of Formula 1 motor racing: a Grand Anse Bus.

Instead of the usual minor modifications that Formula 1 manufacturers make to their super-fast vehicles, Ferrari has allegedly completely overhauled their existing plans. In 2012, drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa well attempt to win the championship in a red bus.

Said Alonso, “This is definitely a new challenge, but the engineers seem pretty enthusiastic about the bus. I’ve never seen anything like it, but I hear it goes pretty fast.”

When MNN asked what the repercussions could be, considering the fact that a Grand Anse bus is not a Formula 1 car, Alonso simply shrugged and noted that “technology changes over time. We either adapt, or fall behind.”

Maco News contacted Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson to hear his opinion on the matter.

“What a load of bollocks,” he said.

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