A supposed source with inside knowledge of the 2008 General Election, has told Maco News Network in an EXCLUSIVE interview that key pockets of voters in core constituencies were offered Skittles in exchange for votes.

This damning accusation against the Tillman Thomas administration comes on the back of recent news whereby the Prime Minister had to seek assistance from Taiwan to change a light bulb in his office.

“I remember it all like yesterday, boy,” the informant began.

“Me and about 200 other men was promise a two packet ‘a Skittle for we vote. So we say, ‘why not?’. Nuff men dem cyan turn down a packet a Skittle, much less two.”

With the deed done, the men returned later after the New National Party had conceded defeat, only to be turned away.

“Up to this blessed day, I cyan get me blasted Skittle. I tell yuh, dem doh know who dey messin’ wid! If dem tinkin’ I votin’ for dem this rounds again, joke dey makin’!”

Were you offered Skittles in exchange for a vote? If so, tell us in the comments below.

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