The Grenada Broadcasting Network has revealed it’s long awaited new programming line-up for new year, including the announcement of VPW – Vagrant Pro Wrestling which is expected to debut in December.

“Vagrants from all around the country have signed on to participate in this exciting new prime-time television phenomenon”, a statement said.

“Expect plenty of twists and turns in the various story-lines of each wrestler as they battle in the ring and backstage to become the ultimate homeless champion!”

In an already recorded episode – shown EXCLUSIVELY to Maco News Network – newcomer Ferocious Food Fair Beggar brawled with VPW Champion, Seductive Soubise – and lost via disqualification when Garbage-Diver intervened with a steel-chair.

KFC Guy and KFC Dude retained their tag-team belts when KFC Guy hit one of their opponents over the head with a money-bag while the referee’s back was turned.

Amid calls that the show is in poor taste, GBN offered this response:

“Our track-record speaks for itself. This is par for the course for our network. Top top quality stuff.”

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