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Shockwaves were felt among the Security Guard community this evening, as a guard was relieved of his duties on his first day on the job – because he wasn’t acting like a complete moron.

Jerome Bent, 34, was told his services were no longer needed following a tumultuous day at St. George’s University. The official word is that Bent was fired on the grounds that he was being “pleasant” and had been seen “being helpful and understanding”.

The Chief of Security at SGU, Johnson Cockman told MNN that Bent had proven to not be up to scratch.

“I don’t know where they get him from, or how this joker slip through our rigorous training methods, but that man is not of our calibre,” Cockman explained.

“To be an SGU Security Guard, takes a special kind of asshole,” he continued. “I nearly spit in my cocoa tea when I hear this guy say ‘good morning’ to a student. You could believe that? I thought I must have imagine it.”

Bent’s bizarre behaviour went from bad to worse when another guard witnessed him letting a student onto the campus without her ID card.

“So this young lady claim to be a student, but she has no ID on her. Now, sure I see her everyday, but our policy is ‘no ID, no entry’. At least not without some severe hassle. Anyway, her excuse is that she forget she ID somewhere.”

“Instead of watching her and screwing up his face, the guy tell the girl ‘ok, it happens’ and ‘I hope you find it soon’. I mean…what kinda ting is that at all?”

Neither St. George’s University nor Jerome Bent could be reached for comment.

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