Grenville, Grenada (CRAPmedia) – Despite claims from many sane people for several years, Lisa Braveboy of St. Andrew never noticed that she was the owner of a crap phone.

Sadly, Lisa had been living the life of a typical BlackBerry ‘sheep’. She owned a BlackBerry, simply because her fellow sheep friends owned one and she wanted to communicate with them via something called ‘BBM’, which we believe stands for Baa Baa Messenger – a tool for sheep to chat with one another.

Then one fateful day, Lisa opened her eyes and discovered that her beloved cell phone was actually really rather bad. Less smartphone, more semi-literate phone.

Her world had turned upside down. No longer was she a BlackBerry sheep.

“I couldn’t believe it. I had been wasting my life. I’m a normally functioning human being now and never again will I be a blind sheep with poor taste who buys crap things for no real reason.”

Lisa is now the proud owner of an iPhone 5.

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