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Keith Mitchell..

Maco News!

Why allyuh feel allyuh cud mek fun ah my prime minister so?

Yall say de man look like a gorilla and all kinda ting. Disrespect!

The man do more for de country dan all ah NDC and maco news put together. Build hostpial, stadium, everythng.

Fire for allyuh, oui

Samintra Noel

MNN: Well…Sorry that Keith Mitchell looks the way he does, but there’s not much we can do about that is there? No harm in pointing it out!


Keith Mitchell

Look at that sexy beast

Too random, even for MNN…

Dear MNN

Did you know a pig’s penis is shaped like a corkscrew?

I did.

Name withheld

MNN: Your email address has now been blocked. Good day, sir.


Thanks..I guess?


First, good job on the site.

Two: I know a lot of people say what you write is not true, but I think it is. Why would someone write lies on the internet?

I trust you and I think you are doing a good service for the ppl.

Keep it up


MNN: Hi there. Of course, I mean…lying on the internet? Who would ever do that? The very notion makes me sick to my stomach, how so very wrong, appalling, disgusting, atrocious, etc. etc.


Tough choice.

Dear MNN

Which do you think is best? Lime oR Digicel???


MNN: They’re probably as bad as each other. It’s a bit like having to choose which body part you want amputated first – your heart, or your neck.


I am so concern about the state of Grenada now. The way this government going, they won’t have any ministers left!! I hope we people can make the right decision come election time!!



Hey Maco

Does anyone think NNP can really do anything to change our fortunes? They had their chance and didn’t do a whole lot with it. Time for NDC to step up though. We need a visionary in these hard times.

I thnk we should look to how the other countries in the OECS handle their business and adapt it to our nation.

Camelia Frank


Dis is madness!

wHEN IS the governemnt going to learn! we cannot conitue! peole are sufferin!

wake up ndc! waek up ndc!

Name withheld

MNN: zzzzzz…oh, what was that? Did somebody say something?


Use the Search Box..


u shud do a story about rhinos cuz they are my fave animal.


Suzette McIntyre

MNN: Already did…right here.



You suck. You’re just an imitashun of the Onion. Get an original idea losers!

Name withheld

MNN: Thanks. Get a dictionary. On which planet is ‘imitation’ spelled like that? You tomato.


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