A newly concluded highly scientific study has proven that Barack Obama’s re-election had absolutely nothing to do with Grenada’s ‘Internet-warriors’, contrary to popular belief.

Thousands of the nation’s most fervent Facebook users consumed hundreds of man hours updating statuses and sharing slightly humourous images on the popular social network, but it was all in vain as none of it contributed to Obama’s win. Or much of anything at all.

Oddly, the study proved that Obama won the election by receiving the highest number of electoral votes. A thorough investigation by Maco News Network resulted in the discovery that electoral votes are in no way related to Grenadians on Facebook. Or kangaroos.

One man was dismayed when he was told the news.

“So wah..you mean me typing ‘OBAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA’ on facebook didn’t mean nothing? Wat kinda stupidness yuh sayin’ dey?”

However, the research showed that posting negative comments about Republican candidate Mitt Romney did in fact have an interesting effect: Every time someone laughs at Mitt Romney, the world becomes a better place. The Earth is now approximately 400x a better place to live than this time last week.

MNN attempted to contact both the Obama and Romney camps for comment, but Mr. Obama was too busy being awesome, while Mr. Romney was said to be preoccupied with cowering in fear in a Sesame Street dumpster from a large yellow-feathered individual.

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