The anaconda that appeared last week in the north of the island and rose to overnight super-stardom has been offered a chance to have a documentary filmed of his ordeal.

A known wildlife documentarian flew in over the weekend for sit-down talks with Anaconda Jr. where a multi-million dollar deal was thrashed out. Filming is expected to begin next month.

Anaconda: In the Wilderness will cover Anaconda Jr’s extraordinary tale of courage and adventure, including coming to terms with life in a strange new world, as well as being locked up in a police station and a university.

Maco News Network reached out to Anaconda Jr. for comment today. His press secretary, speaking on his behalf, told us:

“It’s all very exciting. He can’t wait to get started. This is the biggest thing to happen to him and his family since his grand-dad had that non-speaking role in Anaconda opposite Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez.”

The documentary should be released in select cinemas next year.

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