A recent study in California among some of the World’s top marine biologists concludes that baby dolphins receive exactly one punch to the face every time a person somewhere mispronounces the name of NBA Champions, Miami Heat.

The exact reasoning behind this bizarre phenomenon is unclear, however scientists have been able to pinpoint the Caribbean region as home to the most prominent offenders. They estimate that hundreds of people in the Caribbean, particularly Grenada, cannot seem to say ‘Miami Heat’ and instead say ‘Miami Heats’. Why anyone would add an extra letter to the end of the name also remains a mystery.

It is believed that the increase in ‘Heats’ offenders is directly proportional to the rapid increase in Miami Heat fans in the area. Interestingly, the study also showed that these new Heat fans were very recently fans of either the Boston Celtics or LA Lakers just a matter of months ago.

The future of the World’s dolphin population is now considered to be in jeopardy following the repeated physical abuse. Scientists hope that the baby dolphins do not grow up to exhibit anti-social tendencies such as theft, violence, and drug dealing.

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