In ‘20 Questions‘ we ask interesting Grenadians 20 random questions. With a MNN twist of course.

In the basement today, Ms. Chrislyn “Msy. Chrissy” Lashington.

Msy. Chrissy

© Wayne Williams

1. Describe yourself in five words.

Fun Eccentric Honest Lazy Active


2. Where do you see yourself in….5 days?

In 5 days it will be a weekend again, so I’ll be playing pan at a gig and partying.


3. You’re falling from a skyscraper, and all you have is some bubble gum and a flagpole. What do you do?

I chew the gum and wave my Grenadian flag high. I would have obviously already be harnessed in.


4. What makes you so funny?

O I didn’t realise that I was, thanks. I just be myself, if some laugh then great, they save a little on medication.


5. Which side of the camera do you prefer to be?

I like all sides, each allows me to bring a different energy.

Front side – get to speak my truth and wild out

Backside – get to share visions in my mind

Be side – get to look like a cool female videographer 😛


6. Deserted island. 3 items. Go. (no sailing vessels allowed)

1 solar cooker. 1 pack of assorted seeds. 1 solar-powered desalination unit


7. Coffee or tea?

BUSH TEA!!! All day everyday!


8. What’s your favourite TV show?

I en go lie, I’m still stuck on The Nanny and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

9. Who inspires you?

Everyone and no one at the same time.


10. Why do men have nipples?

To breastfeed.


11. Are the rumours true? Is your hair actually a sentient being?

It does carry a life of itself, saying to everyone that it is proud to be worn on an Afro-Caribbean woman’s head who isn’t ashamed of it in its natural state. As it spikes and shrinks, it dances the dance of freedom!


12. What’s one thing you would eradicate from existence?



13. Who REALLY built the pyramids?

O, you mean other than my grandparents?


14. What did you have for breakfast?

Eating breakfast now actually…

Lime tea, open grilled cheese sandwich, watermelon, and maybe some yoghurt if I still have space.


15. Which Hollywood star would you most like to interview?

Johnny Depp


16. Who let the dogs out?

Somebody who should go to jail!!! I am sick and tired of being innocently bit and attacked by dogs that people testify ‘won’t do me anything!’


17. You go to your car one day, and an alien is sitting in the driver’s seat, smoking a cigar. What do you say/do?

Blow your tobacco on your own planet.


18. When you get married, will you be then known as ‘Mrsy Chrissy’?

haha yes. And he will be known as Mr. Lashington.


19. What’s the biggest problem facing the youth of today?

Lack of respect from the older population.


20. What would you do with a boatload of cheese?

Marry it.

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Top photo ©Damion C Jacob/DCJ Photography

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