A tribe of a long thought extinct civilization has been found living on an island within a pothole in Mt. Hartman.

Researchers stumbled across the amazing find while exploring the deep hole in St. George over the weekend. An island of approximately 50 square miles, laden with plant-life, was found deep inside. Upon further inspection, the men were greeted by no less than 17 members of the ancient Koubutashi people – the likes of which have not been heard from since the late 15th century.

A pothole. The Mt. Hartman pothole wishes it could be this small.

A pothole. The Mt. Hartman pothole wishes it could be this small.

Despite their primitive lifestyle, the Koubutashi were able to survive due to the lush vegetation on the island, and the various items that Grenadians have accidentally dropped into the pothole. Indeed, as the researchers recalled, they observed many of the young Koubutashi playing with sandals, bingo tickets, hair weaves of all shapes and sizes, and a Mitsubishi Galant. The centre of the island is punctuated by an enormous crater, where the inhabitants have built a shrine around the Nokia 5110 mobile phone which landed there.

“It’s quite the extraordinary discovery”, remarked the lead researcher. “We can only begin to imagine the possibilities of what may be living inside the other giant potholes of Grenada.”


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