ST. GEORGE’S – Leading members of the clergy have accused casino gambling for causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.Speaking yesterday in an EXCLUSIVE wide-ranging MNN interview, Sister Francis Francis of St. Francis Convent revealed that several of her peers are firmly opposed to casino gambling in Grenada. When pressed for a solid reason, Sr. Francis explained that it was ‘proven fact’ that the many vices connected to casino gambling brought about the downfall of the dinosaur populace.

“Dinosaurs were an immoral and despicable band of ruffians, entirely deserving of their fate.

“They naturally succumbed to the evil ways of ….casino gambling (spit). We cannot allow this accursed practice to devour Grenada’s men and women.”

The interview ended however, when we pointed out to Sr. Francis that her assertion was next to impossible:  Most dinosaurs wouldn’t have been able to fit through casino doors in the first place.


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